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This non official site is dedicated to Audity 2000.Here you will find extra patches,tutorials and related information.
You're welcome to contact me ,if you have any questions or patches to upload here.

All infos and files in this site are provided in "AS IS" basis.
Althought all efforts have neen made to assure that infos are reliable,the author will be NOT RESPONSIBLE for any possible damage ,of ANY kind ,including loss of data of any kind.I SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE INFORMATION OR FILES IN THIS SITE.
If you don't agree with the above ,you're kindly requested to leave this site now.

The Audity 2000

This is the new collection for Audiy 2k,Apogeia FULL with 128 user 0 and 15 user 1 patches.

click here to download file

More patches will be available here soon !!!

Links for Audity 2000

This will take you to the OFFICIAL Emu page for Audity 2000

Audity 2000 is succesor of the Audity.Synthmuseum has the story of this unique synth ,and all the monter-synths of the past !!!

See the Audity 2k review on SonicState

Recommended Sites

Synthzone,all about synths ,software!!!

Harmony Central for musicians,off all kinds ,one of the best sites available !!!


Vintage Synth Exprorer :a site for synths...all synths.Read reviews and rate the them !!!

Artist Pro :THE site for the pro and the recording musician.Experts are on-line for you to ask them !!!

Indie Launch -- wanna publish your music ???

The MIDI reference :Excellent site,with extended MIDI documentation

Midi OX ,the ultimate MIDI Software,and its free !!!


Alesis new ION Analog Modeling Synth ,reviewed on harmony central

The Apogeia Collection Volume I.
15 Audity 2k patches,programmed by George Fotis,August 2002.This is the first volume of patches.The MIDI File including 15 patches.Let me know what you think !!!
Make sure to read the text file for instructions .

click here to download file

The Pandora Vol I patches including 21 patches for Roland D110.

click here to download file

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