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An1x as a MIDI Controller
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Using the AN1x as a MIDI controller with Cubase


The Yamaha An1x ,is an excellent VA synth,and can be used as a midi controller,with the Cubase.
As you already know,the An1x have 8 knobs.
This is a Remote setup for Cubase to use An1x as a MIDI controller.
To use it,choose OPTIONS > REMOTE SETUP >SETUP and this should display the
Remote Window,choose the Generic option.
Then ,click on edit and choose the file [an1x 16c.xml]
To use,open the VST channel mixer ,click on EQ button to show the EQ settings.
Then,on An1x ,select UTILITY / SETUP MODE.
 To change the CHANNEL ,use the MIDI tx button on the AN1x.
Select the channel number,and you will see the controls on channel mixer to respond.

If you get used to this simple layout,and change channels with "MIDI Tx Channel" button on An1, the mixdown is easier.
The zip file you can download ,includes a knob layout ,make it easy to use the map.The philosophy is to control volume,pan,EQ1  and EQ2 freq and gain ,and 2 effect sends.
I would like to hear any suggestion you may have.There's a forum,post there !

click here to download file

The zip file contains the remote file,and a readme file to help you use it.